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The Failed Conspiracy
Lots of changes going down in the Failed Conspiracy World. The boys called, my Muse started buzzing I couldn't resist. 

Doing a quick run through of edits for Bearing Witness and Rock Paper Scissors before delving back into Falling Is Like This. Needed to change some things, add some things, delete a lot of things (my writing style today compared to 2003 is laughable; a major "wordiness" overhaul will be happening). I will post most recent editions as I go, of course. 

Same Navigation Directions apply:

1. Go to the failedconspircy journal's info page (aka the Profile/Chapter Directory).
2. Scroll down .
3. Pick a chapter and go right to it!

Please note that I'm going back and delete the previous versions. So some of the links in the Profile/Chapter Directory might be dead until the new chapters go up. Basically, if it didn't get posted in 2007/2008, its out of date and there's a new one coming. Aiming for a newly edited chapter up each day. (You guys can keep up with that, right? ;-P) If you get up to a chapter there is no link for, contact me. Its probably finished and waiting.


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Bare your neck?
(Yes, this should have been entered long ago. I'm a putz.)

What do you do when your life has been turned upside down?

What do you do when everything you thought you knew – about reality, about life, about yourself – turns out to be wrong?

What choice do you make when you are faced with the love you’ve always wanted – but it comes at the cost of everything that ever mattered to you?

Twenty-five year old Matthew Devons has it all; money, power and a successful career that is steadily skyrocketing him to the top of the music world. He isn’t necessarily happy with his life – seeing as it is lacking in true friends and any sense of passion, with a family that shows more distrust to one another than affection. Maybe Matt does dream of finding friends who like him for him and not for what he can offer them; maybe he does dream of finding the right woman, of winning her love and finding some peace and acceptance in an otherwise cold, uncaring world. However, when you’re the only son of a millionaire record producer and stand to inherit the family business for toeing the line, your wants don’t matter in the face of your responsibilities – right?

Then again, maybe not.

The world is turned upside down and backwards when Matt discovers that the members of his meal ticket, the band Failed Conspiracy, are more than they seem to be and they most defiantly are not all human. Without warning, the manager is thrown into a shadowy world of the night, forced to bare the burden of secrecy. After all, he has been entrusted with a knowledge whose price is his very life – whether he ever wanted to be or not. To make matters even worse, Matt unexpectedly finds the love his life has been missing all along. A deep love; profound, affectionate and all consuming. Matt is gifted with the type of soul-deep connection found only in fairy tales and legends, and he has found it in the form of Conspiracy’s bassist, Valaryn Cage.

Valaryn Cage, who also just happens to be a vampire.

A male vampire.

Suddenly, nothing is what it seemed to be and a whole new reality is thrust upon Matt. Happiness and love cannot be bought, but neither can power and success in the limelight be found while leading a secretive double life. When everything he has ever known and cared about is at stake in the face of true love, one brought up with the best that money could buy is forced to realize for the first time that he cannot have it all.

Bare your neck?
This is the roughest of the stories yet; its not finished and largely unedited.

Originally, this story was going to be told from Val's POV (and the next, the flip-side, from Matt's) buutttt I scrapped that idea when I realized the next installment (Marrow) would need to be third person after all ... so, please excuse any tense inconsistances; they'll be worked out when I get up to editing/completing FILT.
Bare your neck?
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