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Welcome back. - The Failed Conspiracy
Welcome back.
Lots of changes going down in the Failed Conspiracy World. The boys called, my Muse started buzzing I couldn't resist. 

Doing a quick run through of edits for Bearing Witness and Rock Paper Scissors before delving back into Falling Is Like This. Needed to change some things, add some things, delete a lot of things (my writing style today compared to 2003 is laughable; a major "wordiness" overhaul will be happening). I will post most recent editions as I go, of course. 

Same Navigation Directions apply:

1. Go to the failedconspircy journal's info page (aka the Profile/Chapter Directory).
2. Scroll down .
3. Pick a chapter and go right to it!

Please note that I'm going back and delete the previous versions. So some of the links in the Profile/Chapter Directory might be dead until the new chapters go up. Basically, if it didn't get posted in 2007/2008, its out of date and there's a new one coming. Aiming for a newly edited chapter up each day. (You guys can keep up with that, right? ;-P) If you get up to a chapter there is no link for, contact me. Its probably finished and waiting.


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